TV Win

For years I’ve wanted Kasey to watch AND enjoy “Band of Brothers” — all 10 episodes. Her response has always been that it would be boring or that she’d already seen it (barely true: she saw some of them while talking through them).

A breakthrough! We watched the first two and she’s interested. Currahee!

So that’s bragging rights, my friend. My wife has watched AND likes “Band of Brothers”. Hopefully I haven’t spoken too soon; we’ve yet to make it through all of them.

In related news, “The Pacific” is due out in 2010. It’s the follow up HBO mini-series about America’s battle with the Japanese during WWII. It’s also thought to be the biggest budgeted TV show ever.

5 thoughts on “TV Win”

  1. Okay, now that you’ve gotten your wife to WATCH these movies, maybe I can get you to READ about some of the events that happened during that same time period. A must read: The Zookeepers Wife, by Diane Ackerman. It tells the true story of wife of the director of the Warsaw zoo. A terrific book, and it gives you lots to discuss!

  2. We should watch it together! We own it but have only been able to make it through the first two (because of time constraints, not because of interest). It’s a toss up who likes it more, Brady or me.

  3. Jonathan actually asked me last week to watch it with him and my response was the same as Kasey’s. He only asked because our other married friends just finished it and she loved it. i might give it a try, but it will have to be in the morning time.

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