Patrick & I talking about money…

Kasey “I have to put $100 in my Mom’s bank account tomorrow.”
Patrick: “Okay.” (pause) “Wait, what for?”
Kasey “I don’t want to tell you.”
Patrick “Did you buy a bunch of Avon?”
Kasey “No… worse.”
Patrick “Shampoo??”
Kasey “Yes — but it was such a good deal — her hairdresser friend gets a discount!”
Patrick “How much did you buy?”
Kasey “Three gallons.”
Kasey “And conditioner!”

Thankfully he just laughed & is okay with me buying a couple years worth of shampoo & conditioner at one time. : )

4 thoughts on “Patrick & I talking about money…”

  1. This is like the 5th time I have read this dialoge and I laugh out loud (yes, lol) everytime. It could be a funny episode if you had your own show.

    Oh, and I did not read it 5 times today, just 5 times since you posted it, so over the last year.

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