Obama’s Health Care Plan — Discussion

obamaWe are talking with friends to discuss Obama’s Health Care plan. We tasked ourselves with homework assignments that included finding out the facts of the bill on our own & talking with our informed friends & family members in the hopes of bringing in outside perspectives as well.

Within this group of friends there are all different perspectives on the health care plan, but we all fee it’s difficult to sift through what is presented in the media & online to find the facts.

Patrick has found most of his information at http://www.opencongress.org/. Let us know if there are any great sites out there that you are using to find the facts.

Patrick & I would love to hear from you!! Share your thoughts in a comment please!

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Health Care Plan — Discussion”

  1. Although I am not very informed, I have listened to a lot of the media and it seems it is just not very well outlined.

    Mike Huckabee who ran for president as a republican and has been governor in Arkansas said on his show Sunday night that there are only 5 million uninsured who don’t have ability to pay. I think one of the big fears at the town hall meetings has been that people very satisfied with their private plan whether it be individual or through their employer would lose the right to continue that. But I just started hearing yesterday that Obama has said he would drop the “public option” part of the bill but I’m not sure what that means exactly.

    Older people are afraid of the rumors that many Medicare benefits would be lost as a way to pay for all the other people and as a Medicare recipient I have that fear.

    There has been talk about the end of life counselors and that brought so much protest as an absolutely unnecessary added cost tacked on to the health care bill that it has been scrapped as far as I know.

    Some states have had government run plans with mixed reviews. The bill itself has 1100 pages to read and of course the big objection has been who of the senators and representatives would really even have a clue about what all was in it.

    I personally fear something so significant as this being passed without major reviews. I do believe Obama has brought himself into such disfavor in this short time that he fears if he doesn’t get something through in Sept. he’ll continue with more and more opposition which is a logical fear.

    I’ve heard coverage about lots of people who had never solicited any request for emails were receiving emails from the white house wanting support of the bill and it is a big gafoo.

    Everyone knows there is a big problem to be “fixed” regarding health care but the majority believes it should be very carefully studied and there should be complete understanding of what is being voted for before a vote happens.

    There is a lot about our current system that works pretty well in my opinion and I think people get help in life and death matters regardless because it is the law that treatment cannot be refused. I also believe there is a lot of unnecessary waste in treatment because the medical entities know it is covered and order some treatments or tests that are not needed.

    I just listened to a lady from the Washington Post who said there are pretty firm statistics on those uncovered in health care — one third are in the age range of 18-25 and are called the invincibles. They don’t think they need it so if job does not furnish it they don’t take it out because they are healthy and consider themselves invincible- sound familiar, Patrick? : )

    Another large group is age 50-65 because they may not have been able to afford the retirement rates or private if they are out of the work arena that did cover them. And because of preexisting conditions what they could get is too expensive or they simply cannot get coverage for the preexisting condition.

    Medicaid does cover many of the poor in our country — single women with children are normally eligible on financial aid or very low income. It is a shame that 2 parent low income families are a big sector of those not covered.

    I believe some of these issues need addressed regarding who and how guidelines are made on eligibility with programs already in effect.

  2. Mom — loved hearing your thoughts.

    This quote from Dick Morris sums up one of my main concern about the plan:
    “Health Care Redistribution — takes 500 billion dollars of health care from the elderly in Medicare & Medicaid (Medicaid funds nursing homes) and takes it & gives it to people who are younger, healthier & richer, but at the moment lack health insurance.”

    Patrick’s main concern is that innovation will be lost.

    Still trying to be in the know of the facts regarding this enormous issue.

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